The SEO of Migrating to a New Site

When building a new website, everyone gets excited and a ton of work goes into the new design, the new content architecture, what features should be included and so on, down to very minute details. The item that is often forgotten is that the legacy site has almost certainly accrued some SEO value. If no plan is put in place to migrate that value to the new site, you will most likely see a drop in search traffic following the launch of the new site.

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What Does an SEO Specialist Really Do?



I am new to the role of SEO and Analytics Specialist. Below are my observations so far. Please feel free to share your thoughts!

SEO Specialists are Digital Marketing Enablers

The goal is to enable digital marketers to serve the right content to the right audience at the right time, in order for the audience to progress through the stages of your customer journey and your sales funnel.

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